The Three DNFs

The three DNFs were as follows:

Mormon Country – Wallace Stegner. A series of (NF) essays about his 15 years in Utah and published in 1942. Stegner is a great writer and after “Under the Banner of Heaven”, it was refreshing to read a more neutral opinion about LDS. I also learned some interesting details that I could add to the info I had gleaned from Krakauer, but in the end, it was a bit too much and I just stopped, satiated, about two-thirds of the ways

The Merry Go Round – Randolph Stow. A fiction published in 1965 but set in the early 1940’s when Australia enters WWII. It’s also a coming of age novel. So all good so far, except that the author kept referring to the hero as “the boy” which he was as he was six, but he also had a name. However, this was rarely mentioned and after a while, it
got to be bit annoying. Plus it was a bit of a stretch to believe that this kid was only six years old when you saw what he was thinking etc. Interesting as it was about the Aussie Outback, but not interesting enough to keep going, I’m afraid.

Zuleika Dobson – Max Beerbohm. I think it’s supposed to be satirical/funny, but it just struck me as being tedious and remarkably Unfunny overall. It’s subtitled “An Oxford Love Story”, but it was mostly about some intensely beautiful young woman who leaves most of the Oxford undergrads breathing heavily and just strings people along. Bah.

I don’t think that it was the books that were bad, particularly, as opposed to perhaps not being the right time to read them from the reading perspective.

Ah well, more water in the well.

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