A Sky Full of Kindness – Rob Ryan (2011)

This is an absolutely gorgeous book packed to the brim with intricate paper cuttings from English artist Rob Ryan. Each detailed page describes the journey of a tiny bird who is just about to become a first-time mother. Only one problem remains, and that is that she is frightened for her baby of all the horrible-ness in the world. How will she protect her tiny offspring?

Through an epic trip and through the help of loads of different birds, the tiny parent-to-be learns that the world has more good things than bad, and eventually all ends well with the young family. A charming and very sweet story told through magical paper art, this one nearly made me cry as it was so darned sweet.

A really lovely lovely lovely reading experience…

And, as an aside, I have done some paper cutting and it takes a lot of skill and patience to get really professional art at the end of it… Kudos to Rob Ryan because this obviously took forever…

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