Final Reading Stats for 2011

As I am (somewhat of) a nerd, I find it fun and interesting to review my reading stats for the past year: how many books, which kind of books, from where, which countries etc.. So with that in mind, I present the numbers for 2011:

  • The total number of books read this year: 114.  (2010 total:  122.)
  • How much Fiction vs. Non-Fiction:  75 Fiction vs. 39 Non-Fiction. (Wierd. I would have said it was the other way around…)
  • How many books I read that were *actually* on the TBR pile:  51 (or a good 45% of what I read I owned and got out the door to other places)
  • How many I bought (new/second-hand): 46 (bows head in shame)
  • How many were library books:  48 (42%)
  • How many were e-books:  13 (mostly Project Gutenburg and Girlebooks)
  • Graphic novels:  3 (Essex County/Jeff Lemur, Tamara Drewe/Posy Simmons, and Ethel and Ernest/Raymond Bradbury)
  • How many classics:  15 (Not bad as I was trying to read more of those and got off to a late start.)
  • Arty/Non-trad format books:  The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt/Caroline Preston, Radioactive: Marie Curie/Lauren Redniss, and Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life/Amy Krause Rosenthral.
  • Oldest book read: 1818 (Frankenstein/Mary Shelley)

Numbers by the Century:

  • 1800’s – 9
  • 1900’s – 48
  • 2000’s – 53

Here’s to some happy reading in 2012!

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