March 2012 Reading Summary

So, I have been browsing the other bookish blogs and I see that quite a few are doing a monthly roundup of their “books read” for March. I like this (because you know how I likes a list), and so here is my version. Links are to my reviews of said books.

The Storm at the Door – Stefan Merrill Block

Shooting the Boh – Tracy Johnston

I Speak for Myself – Maria Ebrimiji et al (ed.)

Titmuss Regained – John Mortimer

Inside the Victorian Home – Judith Flanders (review to come later this week)

Hmm. Not many this month, but I was distracted due to other things. I just read these guys. Compare with February when I read THIRTEEN. (Good grief. Somewhat excessive, n’est pas?)  I also read thirteen in January. Goodness. I fell off the wagon this month…. (or is it “fall on the wagon”? It’s not entirely logical either way.)

No classics this month, I see. I think that is because work has picked up dramatically due to the calendar year, and although that is really good, work-wise, it does tend to cut into my classics reading as after working on screen all day, my eyes gets tired at the end of the day.

The best book was definitely “Inside the Victorian Home” by Judith Flanders, although I really really enjoyed the Mortimer book. It’s a close call. A good month overall.

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