Library Haul to Keep Me Busy…

So – as usual, I cannot resist the Siren Calls of the library (despite my own bulging TBR shelves). I have to have MORE!…

Top to Bottom (and all with the caveat that I might not *necessarily* get round to every single one of these, but at least I have them as an option.):

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present – Harriet A. Washington.

(Won 2007 National Book Critics Award for NF. Loads of good reviews on Amazon. Starred review from Kirkus and Library Journal. Looks good if uncomfortable reading.)

No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting – Anne L. McDonald

Again, loads of good reviews on Amazon and my other bloggers, but slightly wondering if you need to be a knitting aficionado to appreciate it. (If that’s the case, I won’t last long.)

Brazilian Adventure – Peter Fleming (bro of Ian Fleming of James Bond fame)

Classic travel writing about Fleming who travels to Central America to trace the ill-fated expedition of Fawcett who vanished in the Amazon. (Fawcett was a Victorian explorer guy, I think, who came to a mysterious end and has never been found.) This was written in 1933 so probably lots of Wodehouse-ish moments.

Summer’s Lease – John Mortimer

Novel by Sir Mortimer set in Italy. Also made into a Masterpiece presentation so can’t be too shabby.

Amish Roots: A Treasure of History, Wisdom and Love – John Andrew Hostetler

An anthology of bits and pieces (diaries, letters etc.) which, when combined, provides insight into the Amish way of life. I was looking for an Amish documentary to rent, but came across this instead. I sometimes wonder how it would be to live without all the technology, but then remember how much I like computers, washing machines, dryers, and air conditioning. I could do it perhaps for a weekend without getting a bit grumpy.

England for All Seasons – Susan Allen Toth

American woman travels around England giving her view of things. Very mixed reviews on Goodreads, so will have to see.

The Cloudspotter’s Guide – Gavin Preter-Pinney

Supposed to be rather tongue-in-cheek and written by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society in UK. I think this talks about clouds in general, the different types there are, why they are different, etc.. Good reviews all over, so hoping this will satiate my desire to learn about clouds which has been hankering away for a couple of years now.

So – some good reading ahead… Now, if I can just find some extra time….

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