April Reading Summary

So, as is the wont of many book bloggers, I like to review the previous month’s reading and see how things are going. April was a good month for reading as I polished off 8 books with only one of them being less than par for the course. So – not a bad way to spend your time.

Here are the titles that I completed (links given for earlier blog reviews):

Mustn’t Grumble: In Search of England and the English – Joe Bennett

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle (no formal review)

Aya – Marguerite About and Clement Oubrerie

The Diary of Good Neighbor – Doris Lessing

If the Old Could… – Doris Lessing

The City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi – William Dalrymple

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The Joy of Less – Francine Jay

The England of Ravilious – Freda Constable

Five were fiction, four were non-fiction; one graphic novel. I only owned two of the book titles though, and got the rest either electronically or from the library. Hmm. Would like to increase the book titles I own and complete this next month or so. Clear the shelves a bit in some microscopic way.

May is off to a great start, reading-wise, but there is no way that this pace can continue what with Real Life and stuff now I am off vacation. Oh well – it was fun whilst it lasted and I will still be reading – just not at such a furious pace. 🙂


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