General Life Update…

Oh, Olympics, how I loved thee. Thank you for a good job, London and the World.

And Oh. My. God. I recently came across two really impressive mother-lode resources… one about books (naturellement) and one about the play list for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony…

Here is the list about books, this time ones categorized as “microhistories” by Goodreads readers, and these are *exactly* what I like to read about – an in-depth look at something that  is not that big in the first place (topic-wise)… Pages and pages and pages… Oh my. Be still my beating heart.

And then the playlist from Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the Limpets (from the Daily Telegraph). I wonder if there is one for the closing ceremony last night…

[Addendum: Here is the link for the playlist for the Olympics closing ceremony.]

Many many memories included in there for me!!

And I do have to send some kudos to NASA for the Curiosity project success!! How brilliant was that?

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