Bookish Bits and Pieces…

it’s the start of the working week for me, and since I actually really enjoy my work, that’s a good place to be. 🙂

Bits of bookishness and other random thoughts for you today:

* Grr.

* More Grr. (It’s been repeated on two signs, so obviously it’s meant to be this way in the signwriter’s mind… Sigh.)

And then associated word-nerd excitedness with this:

Quick question: What are the general etiquette rules with author/book signings? This event will be at the university’s auditorium on campus. No bookstore associated with it (except for perhaps the B&N textbook store who might be pushing copies). There might be copies for sale before and/or after the event at a table or summat.

As you can see, I have two older copies of two of Egan’s books which I had purchased ages ago. Is it ok if I bring these to the author signing for after his talk? Or do you have to have purchased the books right there and then and have a receipt to prove it?… Does anyone mind? (I don’t want to get beaten up by the bookshop heavies nor do I want to unknowingly offend anyone.) 🙂

All answers on a postcard please.

And good thoughts to those in the path of the hurricane. If you have not experienced one (and I am in that group), then perhaps you could pop in to your local mall and get a similar experience at the Hurricane Simulator (see below). You know – because hurricanes are such fun for everyone. :-} (This photo was actually taken in England, but I did find a similar machine at our local mall here in Texas.)

And then (and completely unrelated to hurricane events), I finished up “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy. More comments to follow, but in summary, good – very good – read.

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