New Words to Me…

Some new-to-me words…

  • Plashed –  I could only find a noun, but here is a verb. Perhaps something to do with a puddle or getting wet in some way?
  • Uncribbed – the highest part of a hill or mountain range
  • Clipsing – type of dance
  • Concretions – formation of whole from parts; a unification
  • Eastings – distance traveled easterly (seems obvious now!)
  • Conterminous – next to and sharing a common boundary; meetings that blend together time-wise
  • Dolorifuge – anything that drives pain away (Sp. Verb: Dolor – to hurt)
  • Threnetic – sorrowful or mournful; pertaining to a threne (i.e. a dirge)
  • Manumitted – to free somebody from slavery
  • Linhay (some type of building) – usually English: a shed with a lean-to roof and one or more open sides
  • Barton (linked with dairy/farm) – Old English for farmyard. Good to know as quite a lot of small towns and villages where I grew up had “Barton” in the name… Now I know why!
  • Troche – a small medicated lozenge designed to dissolve in mouth
  • Colling – type of dance

All from Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles.”


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