The Book Sale…

As happens in a lot of towns and cities in the U.S., our local Friends of the Library (FoL) held their big annual book sale last weekend, and as I am a bona fide addict with regards to books and general booky-ness, I went. (Got to support the team, you know.)

And – I might have gone. Twice. Maybe. Maybe once on Friday with a friend of mine, and then maybe again on Sunday afternoon. You know – just to see if I  missed a title that I couldn’t live without. I think I got a good pile both days – nothing too huge, but definitely some books that will be good reads at some point in the future.

Titles as follows:

  • Out in the Noonday Sun – Valerie Pakenham (Non-fiction about late Vic/early Edwardians who lived abroad in the colonies around the world)
  • Cost: A Novel – Roxana Robinson
  • Dickens’ Fur Coat and Charlotte’s Unanswered Letters – Daniel Pool (non-fiction about strange little details of famous Vic authors et al.)
  • Strength in What Remains – Tracy Kidder (non-fiction about African immigrant who arrives in U.S. with very little and becomes a medical doctor)
  • Sanctuary of Outcasts – Neil White (non-fiction about US’ last leper colony)
  • Native Son – Richard Wright (classic by Af-Am author)
  • Forever England – Beryl Bainbridge (non-fiction (?) which compares a few families from the North of UK with the families of the South)
  • Dead Cert – Dick Francis (good mystery about horse racing recommended by said friend)

And then, to balance out the annoyance that arose recently from reading that awful Moran book, I delved into the pile to find some non-fiction about women, women’s history and issues, and came up with the following:

And then – to try and be productive last weekend and because it was actually quite cool outside, I made the Executive Decision to make the first beef stew for this winter/fall season. So below is proof that I can cook without sugar (sometimes). (And yes, I do see the crumbs on the lids. Now…) :

And my favorite (really, only) apron which I found on top of a cabinet where it’s been hiding for a few years…

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