What a Start to November…

November arrived with a large bang the other day. D and I had taken off to go for a weekend trip to hike in New Mexico. The weather was perfect, the light crisp and lots of leaves changing color. The town where we stayed was in Off Season so it was very quiet, and we just spent lots of time hanging out and doing nothing in particular. It was very relaxing to be in such a different environment than our home town – mountains, lots of evergreen trees, running water…

Red River is a small community in Northern New Mexico right in the middle of mountains and quite a drive to get to (for us). However, once you are there, it’s like you are in a little pocket of peacefulness. (I think Red River is normally a lot busier than it was this particular weekend, but this peace and quiet was perfect for us.)  It’s a historical old mining town, and so the mountains that surround it are a mix of natural range and then just large open strips of rock that have been mined and not recovered. It’s quite a contrast to see the two together.

Stayed at a small hotel right next to a running stream and just off a ski slope (but no natural snow yet). They were busy making snow for some of the time we were there, and it was cold – enough to freeze the lake and some streams, but no snow yet.

D. is a huge outdoorsman and really wanted to share one of his favorite trails with me. Me – I like to look at Nature, I like to be in the quiet of nature, but I am not really very Outdoorsy in any way but happy to reacquaint myself with outdoor life.

So went on the trail which was lovely and majestic. No animals or wildlife really – perhaps they were all hibernating or something. Having a snack brought out some squirrels and birds, but that was it. We saw absolutely no wildlife other than that. (Shame, but can’t be helped.)

Coming down the trail after what seemed to be a rather long time, we ended up having to cross a few half-frozen streams and one of them involved balancing on logs to get across. I am klutzy at the best times and so this was fraught with potential difficulty for me. Crossed it. Made it over just fine and then just getting back on the trail when I slipped on a small patch of ice. (There was hardly any ice to be found, but I managed to find some to slip on.) So I wipe out COMPLETELY and end up with a huge bruise on my leg in the shape of old USSR and as big as my hand. (Quite impressive, I must say.)  D was very kind and patient with his incompetent and slow walking partner.

It was a fun trip and we even found the village’s library (which was very sweet). You know how I likes a library, but sorry – no pics this time.

(And I couldn’t resist releasing my Inner Grumpy Grammarian at this sign below. Apostrophes are your friends, peeps.)

And finally, some abstract art from Avi Puppy. Titled: Freedom is on the Other Side. Medium: Wet nose on truck window. Cost: priceless.

Reading update next time!

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