Saw this at Barnes and Noble…

boygirlbooksWe’re *still* looking at pink books and not-pink books for kids? At cover art of floaty princesses dreaming around doing nothing in particular and a boy cover of some male kid carrying a freakin’ open-flame lantern down some place where there is obviously no electricity and probably some treasure????

Girls get “Classic Tales to Treasure”. Boys get “Tales of Mystery, Suspense and Adventure”?


Grumble. Positive take: At least the kids are reading. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saw this at Barnes and Noble…

  1. The fact is that some books appeal to girls and some books appeal to boys. As a former children’s librarian, I’ve seen it time after time. Nothing sinister….just different tastes.

    • Thanks for your perspective. What I was curious about was whether it had been culturally influenced for girls to like pink and boys blue (or whatever). If kids were in a Lord of the Flies situation somewhere, what colors would they like (or turn to)? Would they?…

      Just wondering. 🙂

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