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I was just browsing through my mind’s files the other day (as you do), and started to compile a list of books (both fiction and non-fiction) which featured women who were strong in some way – leaders in their community, strong views/values, emotional strength – all kinds.

And thus, this list was born (female metaphor there). (These are just the titles that I have read so far… Feel free to add your own suggestions.) After reading the drivel of Moran’s book (and to continue the women’s history trend I’m on), I thought it would be really good to think of some women who were more admirable in many ways. I also find it to be fascinating that sometimes you can have an unlikeable protagonist, but still admire her for her strength, however it may manifest itself.

Added 07/2015:

Added 02/16:

Added 08/17:

Added 01/18:

Added 02/20:

Any other suggestions?…

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