New Words to Me…


  • Jumble (biscuit? Cake?) – small flat ring-shaped cake or biscuit/cookie
  • Unhousled – not having rec’d the Eucharist especially before death (i.e. the symbolic bread and wine during ceremony of Communion on Catholic religion)
  • Maenad (howling – myth?) – woman member of Dionysion cult: wildly excited woman
  • Janissary – member of Turkish sultan’s elite personal guard (14th century – 1826). Devoted follower or supporter
  • Aorist (like a Greek…?) – form of verb in classical Greek
  • Fidus – trustworthy
  • Achates – a faithful companion of Aeneas in Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Gimlet-look – a sharp or piercing glance (gimlet: pointy ended tool and a cut of meat and a cocktail drink… Others?)
  • Bijou – delicate trinket; highly prized
  • Anchorite – one who lives a reclusive life of prayer

(From mix of E. F. Benson and Angela Thirkell works.)

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