CA Trip Update…

davis_luggageNot too long ago, I went to visit my (identical twin) sister who lives in Northern CA. (And yes, we look alike.) Very pretty small town in a very pretty area and so close to even more amazing natural areas. (It’s quite unfair how the Geographic Gods tend to cluster all the beautiful places close to each other. Spread them out, I say. Spread them out. Share the wealth.)

My sis lives in Davis which is a cool little town and which has a great indie bookstore called The Avid Reader which I thought I would give a shout-out to…  It’s a well stocked store with helpful people who work there. Plus it just looks pretty inside. 🙂

The Avid Reader DavisAnd Davis is also rather a Nirvana for sustainable lifestyles/green living etc., and so it amused me to see this flyer for an ongoing event this Spring there:


Fabulous trip all around.  Visited San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum for lots of good art and an amazing Holocaust Memorial which was breathtaking. Sat on a rocky beach for a while just listening to the wind (Great.). Walked a hand-made labyrinth at the top of a nearby cliff that overlooked the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. (Beyond words.)  Saw a guy riding a real restored penny farthing  bicycle up a very steep hill, but not sure how he got on the bike or off or really even stayed on. (Interesting.) Watched the 1951 movie, The African Queen with Katherine Hepburn who played a really strong female role in this film – perhaps in others as well? (Good way to spend the time.)

Thanks to the Twinster for a great trip!

The African Queen movie

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