New Words to Me…


  • Belshazzar breakfast – the last King of Babylon – depicted in paintings by Rembrandt and others.
  • Juggernaut – something perceived to be an overwhelming advancing force that seems to crush everything in its path. (Sanskrit origin; Bedford origin: big lorries who come thundering through.)
  • Rodomontade – boastful, pretentious, self-indulgent
  • Sapphia –  somehow related to Sappho, Greek poet
  • Ananias – common Jewish name;  bible reference?
  • Cry peccavi – to confess one’s guilt
  • Foam caps – waves in sea with foam at top
  • Cats’ Paws (type of wave?) – one of names for capillary waves (i.e. almost imperceptible waves on surface of water)
  • Grumous – thick and lumpy similar to clotting blood
  • Cats’ paws (re: intelligence) — ?
  • Asphodel – member of the lily family

(Taken from E. F. Benson’s Mapp and Lucia mostly.)

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