March 2013 Reading Summary and Other Nerdy Bits…


Credit: ithree graphic design.

I read the following titles during the weeks of March (with links to blog posts about said book where there is one):

Total number of books read in July: 12

Fiction/Non-Fiction: 7 fiction / 5 non-fiction

Library books vs. books I owned (and thus removed from the home abode): 4 library books and 5 owned books. I also read 3 electronic books.

And new statistic for this year – Total number of pages read this month: 3,349 (av. 279).

Thank you, also, to the various incarnations of Project Gutenberg around the world, and the volunteers who spend countless hours typing these books for us to read. Noted and appreciated.

And found this quotation in the novel I’m reading right now which sounds like good advice:

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning. A man should be learning as he goes; and he should be earning bread for himself and others; and he should be yearning, too: yearning to know the unknowable.”

Taken from Parnassus on Wheels – Christopher Morley

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