New Words to Me…


  • Cee-springs – description of something shaped like the alphabetical letter C
  • Bohereen – narrow country lane (Irish origin)
  • Horse-coping – horse dealer (as in buying and selling)
  • Infantine – infantile, childish
  • Benison – blessing, benediction
  • Sodality morning (re: church) – friendship or association or society linked with RC church
  • Matitudinal – linked with happening in the morning
  • A round heel girl – promiscuous – meant to suggest that girl/guy in question is ready to lie on his/her back for further relations (!), presumably rounding his/her heels in the process….
  • Cabochons (stained glass) – a round gem, highly polished
  • Carocoling – a half-turn to the right or left by both rider and horse
  • Hammercloth (re: carriage/horse) – the cloth which covers a coach box
  • Quidnunc – a gossip or nosy person
  • Victoria (type of carriage) – type of French carriage first recorded in UK in 1869, very elegant.
  • Crows cawing sounding as if “the scallops had fallen”- ? couldn’t find this.

Taken from Brian Moore’s Judith Hearne, Somerville/Martin’s Some Experiences of the Irish RM, and elsewhere.





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