Pets Post…

It’s been a while since I have forced you to enjoy photos of the creatures with whom I share my living space (DH excluded)… So to make up for that appalling oversight, here is one with Muttley the Ancient One (20 year old black mixed breed pup) and Fergus the Cat (18 month grey and extremely chatty kitty) on a walk. (Addendum: This pic below was just selected for an exhibition. Yahoo. Mutt is especially pleased.)


The cats have all learned to come on the short walks for Muttley, and so it’s sometimes quite a sight to see: four cats straggling out one after the other (and rarely leading the way) along with old Mutt (who walks slowly and in a very dignified fashion) and Avi Dog (who walks very fast and is unable to walk in a straight line on leash as he has so much energy and there is so much to look at that he doesn’t know how to concentrate on that…Oh look – SQUIRREL!)


Avi Puppy Close-Up

Curious as to the correct plural for a group of cats (herd?), I dug online and found the suggestion of a “crowder” of cats. I’ve not heard this word before, and there are few references to it for the sake of credibility, but it’s rather fun to say. “Our crowder of cats came with us on our early evening walk.”

And then, as I have been also neglecting Cowboy’s web presence, here is a close-up of her. She is such a fan of eating and is working so hard to become an expert in the world of food consumption that her nickname is fast starting to become CHOWboy. Snarf.


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