New Words to Me…

Typewriter keys

  • A regular Belasco – refers to David Belasco, U.S. theatrical producer at turn of century
  • Aneroid – not using liquid
  • Mephitic (vapors) – offensive to smell, even poisonous
  • Polynesian apron – maybe aprons were thought to be from Polynesia at some point?
  • Hypocaust – an ancient form of underfloor heating using hot air to heat houses
  • Quintus Curtious – Roman historian famous for his long bio of Alexander the Great
  • “Full of plans as an egg of meat…” – reference to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (and means someone has lots of ideas for the future)
  • Wampum – traditional scared shell beans of certain tribes of American First People
  • Mrs. Grundy (mentioned in Mapp and Lucia) – a character in 18th century play by Thomas Morton who was very conventional and kept to the rules
  • Plastron – a metal breastplate worn under a coat of mail.

(Taken from a mix of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Benson’s Lucia’s Progress.)

And ooh – look what I found: an on-line glossary for Mapp and Lucia. What a treat.


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