Smart Women are Trouble…


I attended Bedford High School in Bedford, BEDS, England from when I was 6 until I was 18. (Different from U.S. high schools.) It was founded in 1883 as an all-girls school – typical Victorian, but now has merged with another school and moved. Building is still there though.

While men are calmed, women are excited by the education they receive… the woman of our modern civilization becomes the bundle of nerves which she is – almost incapable of reasoning under the tyranny of paramount emotions; some are wholly incapable of becoming the mothers of rightly organized children… For patience, for reliability, for real judgment in carrying out directions, for self-control, give me the little woman who has not been “educated” too much…

Dr. Charles Fayette Taylor, physician, 1876.

2 thoughts on “Smart Women are Trouble…

    • It is very odd to believe that this was an acceptable attitude in the nineteenth century England… I don’t think I would have played a “good” Victorian woman’s role very well!

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