The Re-Entry into Reality…

So I’ve just returned from a blissful few days in Cabo san Lucas which was fabbo and I finished loads of books. When I have got things a bit more sorted out and back to normal lift, I’ll be back with regular posts.

In the meantime, here is some library love for you… It made my day to find this original stamp label and have lovely memories of the librarian chink-chonk-ing the date stamp in the books that I was checking out when I was a kid…

What particularly cracked me up about the photo below was the evolution of where the stamps were placed on the label here. The stamping person starts off with this brand new label in 1978, and very carefully places the first date all lined up on the very top line. (Good start.)

Then the second (green) stamp comes along (a few years later), and that too is lined up, but misses a few lines… Time passes and the third stamp is put here – still very nicely lined up but missing a few spaces. Not too bad. All is good.

Then the 1990’s hit and rebellion bursts into the library. The person stamps in the other column (pushing the edge of the Comfort Zone) and thus opens the door to a pretty wild free-for-all stamping extravaganza where all the rules are gone. Random rules!

Then the Voice of Reason and Routine strikes back in the 2000’s and it’s back to the original column and back in the lines…

(The black “Received” stamping person was a rebel through and through. Not one straight one in the whole label. Whoo. Watch out for that one…) 🙂



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