You Screen, I Screen, We All Screen…

televisionAlthough I am a huge fan of the written word, I am also partial to a good movie or TV series (as long as it’s a good story), so thought I’d let you know what we’d been viewing recently. Something to know about our watching habits is that when we discover a new TV series, we become kinda sorta obsessive about watching it straight through episode after episode in rather a blitz. (We tend to discover older TV series so we can do this. Luckily.)

The most recent TV series we have found (well, kudos to the DH for this find) is “The Killing”,  a U.S. detective/cop drama which is set in recent times in Seattle. The first season (which we’re on) follows what happens when a young female high school student called Rosie Larsen is murdered. The director(s) of this series take the perspectives of multiple different people involved on varying levels with this murder and it’s fascinating to see how the drama develops. (We’re on Season One/Episode 8 or similar and so far, we are only about one week into the investigation which clearly shows how deep in detail the shows go.) The characters are flawed but understandable, they have backstories which are convincing and have realistic reactions. Plus it’s set in Seattle! It rains! All the time! (At least it does in this show.) The only minor challenge is that the lead detective chews gum as though her life depends on it which was distracting at first. (She smacks her gum. A lot.) However, as the story progresses and we get to know her character a bit more, it makes more sense (although it’s still annoying to a non-gum-chewer such as moi). Anyway, loving this series. Every episode ends as a cliff-hanger. Fab stuff.

Another TV series in which we immersed ourselves (but have now caught up with) was The Fall, a British BBC 2 show (I think) that is set in Belfast. Another crime/detective show which features Gillian Anderson (she of X Files which my dad used to love) who sports a very convincing English accent. Again, good plot and believable characters who are tied into a serial murderer. (Fascinating how they are portraying the criminal guy.) Recommend this one. (This one is also cold and rainy all the time. Can you tell I have had enough of Texas summer?…)

And then we watched the 1944 film of Gaslight,  a psycho thriller which follows a married couple with the husband playing serious mind games with the wife. Stars Ingrid Bergman and some people who I have not heard of, and is really good. (It turns out that “Gaslighting” is an accepted verb in some circles. Who woulda thunk?)



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