New Words to Me….

Typewriter keys

  • Breechclout – 17th century word for loincloth
  • Wipochk – word used by Lenape tribe for bushy place or thicket
  • Apostasy – formal disaffiliation of a religion by a person
  • Exeat – a period of absence from a place of learning (In UK, it is usually used to describe a weekend leave from boarding school.)
  • Samite (material/clothing?) – luxurious and heavy silk fabric from Middle Ages
  • Rebarbative – causing annoyance, irritation or aversion
  • Odalisque – female slave in Ottoman Empire
  • Hieratic – in stylized form (re: Egyptian hieroglyphics)
  • Voluptuary – sensualist; one who devotes life to enjoying luxury and the senses (Hmm. Wonder what difference there is between hedonist and voluptuary?)

(Taken from both Richter’s The Light in the Forest and Brookner’s Hotel du Lac.)

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