Scary Big Books Update + Reading Update


As mentioned in this post, earlier this summer I had casually collected some of my high-page-count books and mulled over the idea of seeing if I could actually get brave and crack one or two of those scary big books open. (Thus the advent of the SBB project.)


Thus, a roundabout explanation of why I haven’t had that many reading updates lately. Because I am immersed in a SBB book (total number of pages 702 which makes me nervous just to think about… (So many pages!!  Such tiny print!! The pressure!! 🙂  I know that this is ridiculous, but it’s how I see SBB. Thus their moniker.)

As you may be able to tell from the position of my bookmark in the photo, I’m about halfway through. I am enjoying the read, but had been picking it up and putting it down in shorter spurts and so I did not have a good connection with the story or its (many) characters. However, I did a marathon read last weekend and learned that reading this complex multi-thread story would be more enjoyable that way and it has. I am enjoying the story and the characters are interesting – it’s just the size that’s so intimidating for me. (If I wasn’t such a Book Nerd, I’d slice the book into smaller sections, but I’m not sure that I can do that. Destruction of books = sacrilege!) Anyhoo, progress is being made on that project – just not very swift!


And I’ve been reading and writing a lot more of this lately…


So I’ve been doing word-related things the last few weeks – just at a snail’s pace right now. Hopefully, this will pick up over the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Scary Big Books Update + Reading Update

  1. I know exactly what you mean about connecting with big books – I often put off reading them if I think I’m not going to have time to read at length. But I have read several shorter works recently – so I feel the need for something longer….!

  2. Wow, those are some impressively large books! I used to read chunksters all the time, but not so much since I started blogging. I’m finally starting to get ahead on reading compared to writing reviews, so I might have time to read some big books soon. Good luck with yours 🙂

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