Thrift Shop Bounty

Pile of kids' books from thriftLike many other book bloggers, I enjoy going to thrift and charity shops, and as my mum was visiting over the weekend, we ended up popping into a few. (We both enjoy thrifting.) Among other things, I found another stash of barely used children’s books which will be hoarded away for this Christmas when they will all be donated to the Toys for Tots campaign. (See photo above for details.)

Most of the titles that I picked up had never even been opened – goodness. Is that happens to most children’s books nowadays? I suppose it depends on which one is your kid’s favorite – that would probably get a bit ragged and the other titles on the shelf would remain pristine. Can’t judge at all – I am sure that I had some lovely books when I was growing up that I never touched. (I know we had all the boxed set of the Paddington books, but for some reason, we never read those. That was a error as I would have found them hilarious as a kid. Aah well – never too late to have a good read!)

Thanks to the Thrift Gods for the pile above.

(And speaking of book finds, it’s the Friends of the Library book sale this weekend. Oh. Be still my beating heart.)

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