New Words to Me…

Typewriter keys

Espial – the act of sighting or discovering something
Chaunted – past tense word of verb “to chaunt” which means “to talk”
Colloquist – a conversational exchange or dialogue
• “Panting like a robin” – don’t know this one…
Moiety – one of two parts (not necessarily equal)
Staggerer – to walk unsteadily; to astound; to hesitate
• “Men of the stamp” – not sure about this one…
Stone staddles – large stones put under buildings etc to lift it above the ground (e.g. with granaries to prevent water damage and vermin). (See pic below.)
Ashtoreth – mood goddess of the Phoenicians; related to fertility
Iridurating – don’t know. (Added later: Further research refers to this in old Victorian medical journals (e.g. “the iridurating ulcer”.) I imagine it’s something revolting and involving pus, but I’m guessing!
Supererogatory – beyond the call of duty; superfluous
Tergivisation – evasion of straightforward action; equivocation; deserting of cause
Punctilios – observance/strict adherence of point of etiquette
Ixion’s punishment – Ixion was a king who was punished by Zeus for his love for Hera. Ixion was bound to an eternally revolving wheel in Tartaras
Syllogism (should know this one by now!) – deductive reasoning
Froward – habitually disposed to disobedience
Elymas the Sorcerer – Elymas was struck blind in biblical stories

(Taken from Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd.)

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. — Buddha

Staddle stones (holding up the building) in Somerset. (Pic: Wiki.)

Staddle stones (holding up the building) in Somerset. (Pic: Wiki.)


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