A Pain in the Neck (literally)


I have always been an avid reader no matter how old I was. Sure, sometimes it waxed and waned as to the numbers, but when it was all boiled down to basics, I read. A lot.

So, it’s been strange as lately that I’ve been unable to read. Physically unable, I mean.
I strained my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles (who knows how?) and now it’s painful to hold a book (or Kindle or magazine) in front of me or in any of my usual reading positions. (I hadn’t realized that I would slump into a “reading position” for hours at a time. The same thing happens when I am working on the computer – lots of slumping, apparently, which may be one explanation for the back problem.)

For *some* reason, DH is unwilling to be my Reading Servant and stand in front of me for large portions of time, hold my book open to the right page and turn the pages when I give the signal (unreasonable, I know), and the cats won’t listen to instructions. The dogs would, but have trouble holding the book still and open with no opposable thumbs. (Cats too, but their unwillingness is mostly just being difficult as opposed to physical limitations.)


So, with my back and shoulders seizing up (and an expensive ER trip for unmanageable pain), I have had to put the books down for a week or two. Oh my. I miss it enormously. I’m trying to get my fix through other ways: audio books, perhaps? Watching literary movies? Saw Under the Greenwood Tree TV production the other day which was lovely, but it’s just not the same, is it?

This injury seems to affect almost every aspect of my life which is a bit of a drag, and I am finding it hard to remember not to use my left arm for things that crop up in every day life (such as putting on my coat or washing my hair or putting something in a cupboard). However, at least I can still make it to the gym to do some kind of work-out there and have found out that I can read a magazine whilst I do the cardio machines (if they have a book holder gadget) which is great.

I haven’t really had to deal with a back issue before but now I’m in the midst of it, my sympathy goes out to all those who are dealing with a similar predicament. It’s definitely an inconvenience. It is slowly getting better for which I am very grateful – I just have to have patience.

The worst of it is that I can’t do my usual level of reading. Bah. Luckily, I have some reviews backlogged for the blog. I hope this gets better very soon – I miss my reading escapes!

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