Words New to Me…


  • Tar-sores – not really sure. Couldn’t find a useful definition. Any ideas?
  • Assegai – a spear usually tipped with iron. (Also a type of southern African tree.)
  • Redcaps (Army deserters?) – a member of the military police in UK in this context.
  • Osier – willow tree or willow branch
  • Sent to a glass home? – “glass home” was another name for a military prison in UK, so perhaps this is referring to someone being caught and then sent to prison?
  • Goose Fair – an annual fair held in Nottingham during the first week of October
  • Knob-kerrie – a knobbed stick used as a weapon in South Africa
  • Fichu – a woman’s lightweight triangular scarf, usually of muslin or lace
  • Aigrette – a plume of feathers worn on the head or on a hat
  • Cairngorms – a smoky-brown crystalline quartz found in Scotland

(Taken from all over the place, but some from Mrs. Parkington by Louis Bromfield (1942) and some from Agatha Christie’s Murder in Mesopotamia.)



One thought on “Words New to Me…

  1. I couldn’t find tar-sores (with or without the hyphen) in the OED. In the UK I have only come across “glass house” for a military prison, but you may well be right in assuming “glass home” is the same thing.

    It is a pleasure to read your weblog to which I was directed by your recent post on Savidge Reads.

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