Words New to Me…


  • Tar-sores – not really sure. Couldn’t find a useful definition. Any ideas?
  • Assegai – a spear usually tipped with iron. (Also a type of southern African tree.)
  • Redcaps (Army deserters?) – a member of the military police in UK in this context.
  • Osier – willow tree or willow branch
  • Sent to a glass home? – “glass home” was another name for a military prison in UK, so perhaps this is referring to someone being caught and then sent to prison?
  • Goose Fair – an annual fair held in Nottingham during the first week of October
  • Knob-kerrie – a knobbed stick used as a weapon in South Africa
  • Fichu – a woman’s lightweight triangular scarf, usually of muslin or lace
  • Aigrette – a plume of feathers worn on the head or on a hat
  • Cairngorms – a smoky-brown crystalline quartz found in Scotland

(Taken from all over the place, but some from Mrs. Parkington by Louis Bromfield (1942) and some from Agatha Christie’s Murder in Mesopotamia.)


1 thought on “Words New to Me…

  1. I couldn’t find tar-sores (with or without the hyphen) in the OED. In the UK I have only come across “glass house” for a military prison, but you may well be right in assuming “glass home” is the same thing.

    It is a pleasure to read your weblog to which I was directed by your recent post on Savidge Reads.

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