Things on Cowboy’s Head – Part 23 (Ongoing Project)


Futz Cat.

Futz Cat.

Background Note: Cowboy, as you know, is one of our cats. She is big and friendly and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She naps a lot. All of which helps with this ongoing project I have going on…

It’s called “Things on Cowboy’s Head” and I am just seeing what I can balance on the top of her head when she’s amenable to that. It’s been fun so far, and she seems quite happy to play along. (She just moves when she doesn’t want to participate.)
(Cowboy’s posts are all gathered in one spot on her own blog.)

Note #2: I realize that this isn’t Cowboy. Cowboy was on strike this week (similar to the London Underground team, it seems). Futz is one of the group as well, and likes to pretend that he’s feral until the weather gets cold and then he likes indoors. He’s about five, a rescue as a kitten, and really enjoys getting into fights but is a dreadful fighter. (Evidence: the ripped up ears and the high annual vet bills for the first few years.) He’s also the only cat that the Aussie will chase. Futz has great claw control, but will not use his claws in protection against the dog. Thus the hounding for him when he enters the house. (Think Hunger Games and the cornucopia situation – similar to that.) As you can tell by the expression on Futz’s face, he is a big believer in the idea of cameras taking your soul when they take your picture…

Normal service to be resumed next week.

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