Words New to Me…


* Naussica – a character in Homer’s Odyssey and daughter of King Alcinous
* Panoplied – a wide-ranging and impressive display
* Pightle – a small enclosure of land
* A clitter of stones – a mass of loose stones
* Coppisors – “Coppicing” is type of woodland management when one cuts a tree down to encourage repeated growth on stump
* Pleach – to plait or to interlace branches or vines (e.g. in making an arbor etc.)
* Cosimo – reference to one of the Popes (or equivalent)
* Architrave – referring to the molding around a doorway (at the top)
* Raillery – good natured ridicule

(Taken from both Roger Deakins’ Notes from Walnut Tree Farm and Tarkington’s The Magnificent Ambersons…)

The result of coppicing in a wood...
The result of coppicing in a wood…

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