What I’m Reading at a Snail’s Pace…


Gosh. It’s seem ages since I have actually finished a book, but I have been reading. Just doing other things as well, it seems. One of our main distractions in our house is finishing up the last season of Dexter, the Miami blood splatter analyst who is also a serial killer with a conscience. It gets a bit dark at time, but I love the characters (especially his sis Deb) and I am curious to see how this all pans out. I wonder if it’s been renewed or if this is the end for Dex…


Then the book nook project mentioned below has been taking some focus away from books. (Pretty pictures of pretty rooms in pretty houses!! More!!)

So, to bring this back to books, I thought I’d chat a little about the books that I am reading (titles in the sidebar). I almost 2/3 of the way through Scarborough’s The Wind (1925) but it’s a reread and you know how risky that can be if you’ve fond memories of your first time. Unfortunately, this time around I am getting frustrated with the female protagonist who is SO PATHETIC and PASSIVE that I’m tempted to throw the book at the wall, but I’m also interested in early written classics of Texas, so I’m staying the course. Doesn’t mean that I like that wimpy woman lead character though. Reading background on the author has me confused as she doesn’t seem to have been a wimpy woman herself – went to university in early 20th century, moved around, college professor… her writing is pretty much the opposite of Willa Cather (as my friend Willa showed me)…

Non-fiction, I have two good ones going – one is about a young biologist who adopts and raises a baby barn owl and how they change each other’s lives (Wesley the Owl by Stacey O’Brien), and the other is the prison memoir by Piper Kerman (Orange is the new Black) which is a very good read so far. (I love the TV series though and am looking forward to this summer when the second season comes out..)

So – I am reading. I’m just not finishing anything right now…!

Credit: Casey Hersch
Credit: Casey Hersch

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