New TBR Pile…


As usual, the caveats are as follows:
* I don’t have to read them if I don’t want to
• I can change the titles with other titles from TBR
• This is just a guide not a rule

Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing – Ted Conover (NF – prison memoir from perspective of corrections officer)
Ethan Frome – Edith Wharton
Dirt – David R. Montgomery (NF) – close look at dirt
Ten Years in the Tub – Nick Hornby – (NF) collection of book columns in magazine The Believer
Confessions of an Advertising Man – David Ogilvy (NF) – autobiography – DNF. Dated, very dated.
The Known World – Edward P. Jones (F)
The Blackwater Lightship – Colm Toibin (F)Read 04/14.
The Weight of Heaven – Thrity Umrigar (F)
Kaffir Boy – Mark Mathbane (NF) – coming-of age autobio of kid in Apartheid S. Africa
The President’s Hat – Antoine Laurain (F)Read 03/14.
Homeward Bound – Emily Matcher (NF) – critical look at domesticity
Video Nights in Katmandu – Pico Iyer (NF) – travel. In progress.
Lest Innocent Blood be Lost – Philip Hallie (NF) – WWII history (people side). DNF
Going to Extremes – Joe McGinnis (NF) – travel – DNF. Too awful for words.
Embers – Sandor Marai (F)
Strength in What Remains – Tracy Kidder (NF) – biography
England, Their England – A. G. McDonnell (F)
Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser (F) Read 03/14.
Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer (NF) – how memory works type of read
Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found – Suketa Mehta (NF) – travel/coming home
Saturday is for Funerals – Unity Dow and Max Essex (NF) – current look at HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa

TBR Jan 2014 rev
Old TBR pile from January 2014  (L-R):
My Traitor’s Heart – Rian Malan (NF)
Where Men Win Glory – Jon Krakauer – DNF
Living Dolls (NF) – Natasha Walter (NF)
Video Nights in Katmandu – Pico Iyer (NF travel)
The Big House – George Howe Colt (NF)
Look at Me – Anita Brookner (F)  DNF
Strange Stories – Peter Hessler (NF travel) Strange Stones – Peter Hessler – READ
Death on the Nile – Agatha Christie (F) – READ
The Longest Journey – E. M. Forster (F) DNF
The Sugar Barons – Matthew Parker (NF history)
Homeward Bound – Emily Matchar (NF) (holdover from TBR last time)
Plain and Simple – Sue Bender (NF) – READ
Six Months in the Sandwich Islands – Isabelle Bird (NF history/travel)
For God, Country and Coca-Cola – Mark Pendergrast (NF) – Scary Big Book
The Emperor of Maladies – Siddartha Mukherjee (NF) – (L-R):
Anatomy of a Kidnapping – Steven Berk (NF)
Flow (or perhaps his Creativity title) – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (NF)
Mariana – Monica Dickens (F)

So – perhaps not every title came from this selection, but there were a few others off the TBR shelf which, in my reckoning, still counts. (Annie Dunne/Barry, Orange is new Black/Kerman, The Secret Life of Grown-Up Brain/Strauch, The Red Carpet (short stories)/Sankaran)…

So, totaled up, TBR shelf reading for the year so far has been the grand total of…. 9 (out of 24 and including two DNFs …)

1 thought on “New TBR Pile…

  1. You’re going to love the Kidder and the Foer books; they’re both great. Foer is a little bit of a slog for the first chapter, but then it becomes really interesting. The Kidder book is my favorite of his books. Have fun!

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