Little Free Library in Town… Or Not.

A churchified Little Free Library. Close, but not quite there.

A churchified Little Free Library. Close, but not quite there.

Having read about the Little Free Library project (see here for more details), I was all excited to spot one downtown the other day. AND it looked empty and primed for donations…

So I collected a varied selection of titles of books from my shelves, put them in a bag in the back of my car for next time I was that way, and looked forward to that moment of contributing to this great community-focused project.

And then I happened to drive by it on Sunday, and found that it wasn’t actually a Little Free Library. (I had understood LFLs to be community-driven, a place where you pick up and donate titles for others to enjoy.) It was not to be…

As I walked up to it, I saw that the little box was actually shaped like a church with a spire etc. That didn’t bode well, but I investigated further. On the little window was a sign that read: “Please feel free to take one. Please – no donations accepted.”


And then I looked more closely at the surroundings and finally saw that there was a religious mission type organization there just a few doors up. Darn it. It was just a method of passing their message, it seems, although they had a sign that said “Little Free Library” which is false advertising to me in some ways.

I was so disappointed. I ended up taking my books to the FoL book site after that, but it was with a heavy heart as I had been thrilled that our town was taking part in this. It was, but not in the usual way.

Positive side: People in Texas have heard of this project at least and implemented a version of it. Positive side: People are hoping other people will read. That’s two good things at least.

2 thoughts on “Little Free Library in Town… Or Not.

  1. I love the idea of Little Free Libraries (and have so many books I could probably set up one or two of my own!) so it’s a shame that the name and idea is being hijacked for other purposes. But, as you say, it is still encouraging people to read. Hopefully your donations found a good home and a happy reader regardless!

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