Things on Cowboy’s Head – Part 35 (Ongoing Project)

Scrapping kitties in action. (Cowboy on the floor.)

Scrapping kitties in action. (Cowboy on the floor.)

Background Note: Cowboy, as you know, is one of our cats. She is big and friendly and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She naps a lot. All of which helps with this ongoing project I have going on…

It’s called “Things on Cowboy’s Head” and I am just seeing what I can balance on the top of her head when she’s amenable to that. It’s been fun so far, and she seems quite happy to play along. (She just moves when she doesn’t want to participate.)

(Cowboy’s posts are all gathered in one spot on her own blog.)


book295Speaking of cat-related things, I have just finished a small gift book that my lovely mum gave me for Christmas: “I Could Pee on This and Other Poems” by Francesco Marciuliano.



Cat Proverb: “They say that there are 24 hours in a day, but I’m only up for three of them and two of those are overtime.” (Also see: Cowboy Cat.)

It begins with this: “All cats are artists…” and that sets the stage for this quirky and quite funny little book. It’s a collection of poems “all written by cats” and thus from the cat’s point of view. Anyone who has any experience living with a feline can probably relate to some of these poems – at least I certainly could. It’s a mixed bag – it’s hard to have everything being great – but it’s a light-hearted fun read. I read it at night as the last thing as it’s not complicated and wouldn’t keep me up as some books do.

“That Top Shelf” (taken from I Could Pee on This)
I think I can jump to that top shelf
I want to jump to that top shelf
I know I can jump to that top shelf
I am jumping to that top shelf
I missed that top shelf by a good six feet
And now everything is on the floor
And I’m left wondering
Why people even bother getting china
If it breaks so easily.


(Today’s Cowboy Cat post brought to you by Whiskers.)

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