Loving Mother Nature around town…

After this chat the other day about Spring and dust and water issues,  it was a relief to find small signs of other people’s renewable/sustainable projects as I was driving around town. None of these have been widely promoted (or at least none that I’ve seen), but they are there, hidden like nuggets in a coal mine.

Community compost station.

Community compost station.

(Left) – First of all, I came across this neighborhood effort to provide a place to drop off and pick up (I assume) compost.

I know that lots of people do compost for their gardens, but there doesn’t seem to be much support for it publicly (or least I haven’t noticed it), and so when I saw this community-driven place, I fell in love immediately. I’m all for community-based change – grassroots activism is a huge piece in the “save the world” cause. (Not all of it, of course, but a huge piece.) This made my heart sing.


(One question: does outside composting work as well in a hot semi-arid environment? I know it works well in soggy places like England, but there’s not much moisture around here.)

View looking down on top of vaccum-packed used coffee grinds at coffee shop.

View looking down on top of vaccum-packed used coffee grinds at coffee shop.

And, to continue with the composting theme, our local coffee shop promotes responsible gardening by providing free old coffee grounds for folks to spread out in their garden beds… Go, J&B Coffee!

(Right) – (Camera is looking down at top of vacuum-sealed bag of coffee grinds.)






sustain_roofAnd then I came across a home owner who has installed solar energy on their house, which I love. (We have so much sun and wind here that it only makes sense to use it.) I just don’t have the faintest idea how to do this at the moment or if it costs five billion dollars to install it (or how it is stored or distributed through the commercial electricity system.) Anyway, I was happy to see that this was done in our neighborhood. (It’s also installed elsewhere in the community, but it’s not that common.)


And speaking of using resources sensibly, I found this pic the other day:


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