General Book Chat…


greatbooksI was going through a slight reader’s block a few weeks ago, and I really couldn’t find anything to read that was hitting the spot. So I picked up and put down quite a few titles and just floated around my book shelves for a while, and, in fact, even took a break from reading to see if I could uncover my reading mojo. (I became reacquainted with the joy of piddling around the house doing nothing in particular, and now have added it to my skill set. Any questions about how to piddle, just let me know. I’m happy to help.)

TV: During my reading break, we finished up watching the entire House of Cards series with Kevin Spacey, caught up with The Americans, and were happy to see the start of Orange is the New Black. (I’ve also been peer-pressured into watching the Ladies in London reality show about English high society women and American expats and how they fit in (or don’t as the case may be). It’s not as bad as I had expected and I’m not sure how many I’ll end up watching, but I seem to have a sort of horrified fascination with the show as it unfolds, rather like seeing a car crash in slow motion. We’ll see…

Movies: I just saw the movie Belle last night and really enjoyed it. Luscious costumes and unpredictable story along with some good acting – a good package. Recommend it if you like Downton Abbey or any other period dramas (although Belle is more eighteenth century).


Books: And I was working my (slow) way through Fink’s Five Days at Memorial non-fiction about how one of the New Orleans hospitals react when Hurricane Katrina arrives. It’s one of those reads when it’s ok when you’re reading it, but it’s pretty easy to pick up and it’s pretty easy to put down (and stay down). I’ve been staying the course (about 2/3 through), but have finally decided to cut the cord and move on. Phew.

So – it’s been a time of change and all is good in my small world.


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