Halfway Point Reading Status


Total: 50 books (Last year, I had completed 84 books by this time.)

Pages: 11,158 pages (av. 248). Longest: Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser (1900). Shortest: On a Snowy Night in the Woods – Poet: Robert Frost. Illus. Susan Jeffers. (1978)

Non-fiction: 18 (39%) (Last year, I had completed 25 NF by now.)

Fiction: 24 (52%) (Last year I had completed 49 F books by now.)

Other: 2 graphic novels, 1 play, 1 book of poems

DNF: 3 (all NF)

Owned vs. Borrowed22 owned, 19 (library or otherwise).

E-books: 4 (most of which were Project Gutenberg or Girlebooks)

Not as many as last year due to several things including big job changes (which are good and keep me busy and out of trouble) and also a new skill I’ve been developing of “piddling around the house doing nothing in particular” which has been rather fun. I’m hoping to get selected for the World Championships in 2015.

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