Words New to Me…


  • Carcel lamp – lamp designed in 1800’s by French watchmaker Bernard Guillarme Carcel
  • Exanimate – spiritless; lacking animation or life
  • Peristyle (re: church architecture) – an open colonnade in a building surrounding a court that may contain an internal garden
  • Cloud-flocks – not 100% sure, but might be a ref to a book chapter by John Ruskin (artist and author, 1819-1900)
  • Turnip-watch – a large pocket watch
  • Chudder (material) – large shawl or veil worn by Muslim or Hindu women that covers them from head to foot
  • Godlings – a minor god (This was said in reference to how powerful the children were in that particular family…)
  • Kerseymore (cloth? From sheep) – Kersey is a type of woolen cloth that was an important component of the textile trade in Medieval England. (Orig: town of Kersey, Suffolk.)
  • Harvey’s sauce – (Victorian). A disgusting sounding sauce made up of six anchovies in vinegar, soy sauce, mushroom ketchup, garlic and cayenne.
  • Blades of pounded mace – “mace” is a spice similar to nutmeg
  • Spaddle (re: making ice cream) – a little spade
  • Cellaret (re: making ice cream) – a wooden piece of cabinet-work (similar to a sideboard) except oval in shape, bound with broad bands of brass and lined with zinc partitions to hold ice for cooling wine etc.

From Ethan Frome/Wharton and The Campaign for Domestic Happiness/Beeton).

A Cellaret.

A Cellaret.

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