Update on the Scary Big Book Project…

Scary_big_booksEarlier in April last year, I had considered the idea to collect all my Scary Big Books in my TBR, and see if I could make a dent in them. (Books are defined as “Scary Big Books” [SBB] if they have intimidatingly large page numbers. It’s not the topic that’s scary, but the sheer number of pages. Books are usually more than 1.5 inches in width, if that gives you an idea.)

So, I perused the bookshelf and came up with a selection on which to focus. Now, more than one year later, I decided to take a stand. NO MORE SBB! I am interested in what they have to say, but the number of pages!! My god, the number of pages … Eeek.

And I decided “No more!” If I hadn’t read (or even looked at) them in the past 14 months, I probably wouldn’t in the future so off with their heads and out of the door. I’ve listed them to sell on-line, and already sold a few (although I wouldn’t recommend this as a lucrative income-stream if I were you.) The rest, if they don’t sell after a few more weeks, will be going to the FoL library sale.

Note to self: Find out number of pages in expensive hardback books before you buy them so there is no heart-dropping surprise when you open the mail package and see how thick the book is.

Stats for the SBB Project:

Read:     1

DNF:      1

Out of the door total:      9

Total shelf space freed up for future FoL library sale: 13.5 inches

Total pages eliminated from my guilty conscience: 4,050

Relief: Incalculable. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Update on the Scary Big Book Project…

    • I am certain that the Frazier book is good. I love travel writing. It’s just that I wish it came in two volumes. I don’t have the heart to cut the book into two pieces, myself… :-}

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