Books Buying Ban Project Over!

(Above) - Completed table of my No-Books-Buying pledge since September... Success (for the most part!)

(Above) – Completed table of my No-Books-Buying pledge since September… Success (for the most part!)

Over the past two and a bit months, I’ve been on a No-Book-Buying project with the goal of me not buying any more books. (I initiated this project just after the September FoL book sale from which I attained far too many lots of books. I wanted to turn my attention to some of the books which I already owned (the infamous TBR shelves) although a few library books may have slipped by the goalie in the process.

And it (mostly) worked on curbing my book acquisition habit. (Confession: I did buy two books on two separate occasions during this fast, but that’s it. Promise.)

How did it go? At first, I really missed getting those book-shaped packages from Amazon and elsewhere – I blame myself and the dreaded One-Click option which makes it far too easy to buy something. (However, getting people to buy things is the goal of on-line businesses after all so it obviously works for Amazon and co.)

But after a while, the ban was fine. I realized that I have some great titles at home. (I obviously bought them with a purpose and fondness or they wouldn’t be on the shelves to begin with.) I read and DNFd three titles that have been on my shelves far too long, and actually read (and mostly enjoyed) five more titles. So that’s EIGHT titles off the shelves to keep the balance between incoming and outgoing book titles.

I’m really trying to maintain the motto of “One in, One Out” with regard to book purchases, and it seems to be working. I am happy when I can clear a title that I’ve been carefully keeping on my shelves (for years in some cases), and then read it and find out whether it’s been worth taking up space on the TBR pile. (About 60/40 in terms of liking/DNF right now.)

Hooray for small pleasures!

So – anyway, last Sat (Dec 06), the Book Buying Ban was over and the FoL group just happened to have a Kris Kringle Book Sale and I’m sure that you can surmise what happened in the end. (Armful of books, of course.) I had fun, there were loads of books from which to choose, and I’ll do a post on that little bundle of fun in a bit. (I know how we all like to see book titles.)

This little challenge was pretty fun. I’ll probably do it again in the future, but for now, the hounds have been released. Watch out!

(NOTE: What is going on with the fonts and WordPress? Aaagh.)


8 thoughts on “Books Buying Ban Project Over!

  1. Well done! And I look forward to seeing what you bought recently! I have been doing something similar myself on a non-formal basis, and not having lots of packages coming through the door all the time has meant that I’ve focused much more on what I already have – which is good! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I’ve just reached a year of not buying and it’s not as hard as it initially seems. A lot of my book buying was done as habit. This way I give what I read a lot more thought and attention. Plus I discovered some great books in my TBR that I had forgotten about! As you say, every book we buy was once that shiny new one we couldn’t do without!

    • I’ve been following your progress on your blog — impressive job! Congrats! (And I think you’re right about the practice of buying (insert x here) being a habit…. I don’t think about it half so much any more! (FoL Book Sales excluded, of course.) 🙂

      • I used to just browse the internet, read about an interesting book , skip over to Amazon or iBooks and buy it with little thought at all. It’s so easy done. I’m sure I’ve saved a fortune this year!!

  3. Starting this past August, my wife and I have been trying to net out 100 books. So far we have had 30 go out… but 16 have come in, so we’re net out at just 14. It doesn’t look like we’re going to make it at this rate!

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