Happy Christmas…


I’ve just finished my Christmas Eve read of Dylan Thomas’ poem, A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1968). It seems that no matter how many times I read this poem, it still retains the joy of childhood memories (even though my childhood was rather different than the one that Thomas relates), and it’s one of my favorite Christmas Eve rituals each year.

Happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and wishing you peace, happiness, and a great deal of good reads!

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas…

  1. “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” is one of my favourite things ever (I believe there’s a video on Youtube of Thomas reading it) Have a wonderful bookish Christmas! 🙂

    • I’ll have to dig it up. I did have a DVD of this poem being read aloud (and acted out), but it’s tough to beat the images in my mind… Thanks, and hope that you had a lovely bookish Christmas. I’ll check out your latest post – I bet you have some booky goodies.

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