Reading, Reading, Reading….


I engaged in my first ever Readathon the other day. I had seen a sign at the library recently and had been intrigued — intrigued enough to sign up for the event, and so that is where I spent most of Saturday afternoon – at what our library very sweetly called a “reading party”.

From 1p-4p, there we were (rather a small group) at the library in a quiet community room just reading away (silently) and being provided with lavish snacks and drinks. This event was part of National Readathon Day (which was new to me), and we were asked to tweet every now and then and just # tag it so that our event could be counted in the national figures. What fun. (Seriously.)

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed this community of silent reading. In the past, I had always been puzzled by those who do 24-hour readathons in the blogging world, but now I understand that idea and although it would be unlikely for me to be able block off 24 solid hours, I do know that I could block off a significant part of the day to dedicate to reading. I just need to schedule a day and time, and bingo — off to my own personal Readathon. It’s a fabulous idea, and if you ever get the chance to participate in a community-based one, jump at the opportunity. It’s a very perfect reading set-up (or at least mine was!).

So – who wants to come to a reading party?

(Thanks to the City of Lubbock Public Libraries for hosting.)

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