Movie Talk…

movieWe’ve been watching a few movies lately and have fallen in love with the Alamo Theater (do go if you have one in your area – good fun). So, just to change things up, I thought I’d give a rundown of the movies that have crossed our eyes lately:

American_SniperAmerican Sniper – What to say? An interesting movie with a provocative message. Lots to think about on all sides of the issue.


Boyhood – A movie that follows a 6-year old boy as he grows up over the next 12 years. Not a documentary, but could as well as have been. Loved how it showed how people evolved over time and yet they still found ways to stay together in a combination that worked for them. I thought that was a very optimistic message and it was good to watch a hopeful movie for a change.

paddington-posterPaddington the Bear – Yes, it’s a kids’ movie, but I happen to love Paddington so I went. I haven’t been to see a kids’ movie in years, and had forgotten what it was like to watch a movie with a theaterful of mostly under-8’s. (Very sweet and very similar to trying to follow a movie whilst sitting in a bucket of worms. Lots of fidgeting going on which I expected, but most kids were v. well behaved and just enthusiastic.) The movie – meh. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the best bits of the film. I think  it’s best to see if you’re a member of the under-8 crowd because they loved it.

Amira-And-SamAmira and Sam– Pretty under-the-radar indie film, but very good and really charming. (I was lucky to leave the cinema with my socks on!*) This is the story of a U.S. soldier who returns to the U.S. from Iraq and tracks down his friend, an Iraqi interpreter who helped his unit when they were in the war zone. Meeting his old friend, he happens to meet the friend’s niece who was staying there, an Iraqi young woman who is trying not to get deported by the immigration authorities. What follows on from that is a very good story of how their relationship develops. With an open Po-Mo ending, this was one of my favorite films I’ve seen this year and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a really good film about just two fairly normal people who want to have a happy ending. No bombs, no explosions (apart from a brief bit in Iraq), and a healthy relationship with a good sense of humor. Loved it. (Good date movie if you’re looking for one that everyone will probably like.)

And then we’re back to books…

* You know, because it charmed my socks off… 🙂

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