April 2015 Reading Review

tulips blooming in garden

Credit: Kathy Bell, kbella photography.

For April 2015, I read the following titles (with links to blog posts about said book where there is one):

Total number of books read in April: 4

Total number of pages read: 765 pages (av. 191 pages)

Fiction/Non-Fiction: 3 NF (including 2 graphic non-fiction books) and 1 F.

Library books vs. books I owned (and thus removed from the home abode): 2 library books and 2 owned books. 0 e-books this month (although one in progress). (Total of 13 books off TBR this year.)

Wow. You can definitely tell that I’ve been very busy with work here. I think that things will settle down soon and then I’m hoping to read some more. Some nights I’m just really brain-tired at night, so we’ve been binging on The Wire.

I am really enjoying the increased responsibility, but it does mean less time for daydreaming! 🙂

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