It’s been a while.

Avi Dog having a rare moment of stillness in his puppyhood.

Avi Dog having a rare moment of stillness during his puppyhood. His energy switch was only on or off, and mostly on. One of the busiest dogs we’ve ever known. He will be missed.

Sorry for that unexpected absence. Life and work intervened with full force for a few weeks, and suddenly we’re almost at the end of August.

One of the saddest decisions that we had to make was to put our five-year old Australian Shepherd to sleep as he had what’s called dropjaw. This is a rare neurological disorder that affects the muscles in the head, particularly the bottom jaw, and makes it so the dog can’t eat food or drink water as his jaw muscles have been paralyzed. (Similar to a stroke in humans in some ways.)

After driving Avi Dog to several vets (including one six hours away), he ended up with the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia (or dropjaw), a condition which usually resolves itself in 3-4 weeks (according to the few reputable websites which talk about this condition).

So we all soldiered on with Avi:  hand-feeding him (still hungry) and hand-watering him (still thirsty), giving him IV drips to help fluid intake, and going for short walks.

However, as time went on, his condition didn’t seem to improve and he lost his ability to swallow. (So not only could he not eat or drink anything, but even if we put this in his mouth behind his tongue, he would choke on it.) It was heart-breaking and after numerous emergency trips to the vet, it became obvious that although Avi’s spirit was willing, his body wasn’t.

So – here’s to Avi Dog. Our house seems very empty without the Black and White Tornado (which was a description of how much energy Avi had all the time), but he fills our hearts.

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