Cross-Stitch Catch Up

Lovely colors of floss...

Lovely colors of floss…

So, back in September, I mentioned that I had (re-) started doing some cross stitch. Still loving it, and have actually finished up the project that I was working on. (Joy!) I really enjoyed doing it, and even loved the learning curve required to get back in to the swing on things. (Hi stitch-ripper tool.) So – now what to start next? (I have an idea…)

Along the lines of encouraging and supporting my new-found creativity, I visited a really lovely local cross-stitch shop called A Pocketful of Stitches. The owners are great – very helpful and friendly with super customer service. (Worth a visit if you’re ever here in town.)

The Halloween display at Pocketful of Stitches..

The cheerful Halloween display at Pocketful of Stitches..

I spent a lovely hour or so wandering around their shop looking at some of the most amazing cross-stitch designs, mostly stamped design on Aida fabric and with a wide array of projects to suit almost anyone. Prices were also wide-ranging with the most expensive one at $600 or so. (Wow. You’d have to love cross-stitch a lot to get that one. One would also have to have a lot of time as it was an enormous size. However, it was lovely.)

To explain the prices, all of the designs were hand-painted and hand-designed so it was not just the normal stitching shop (like Michael’s). More of an art-y stitching place – some of the designs were very advanced for the likes of me… The store also provides lots of answers to stitching solutions. (It’s not called the “Full Service Needlework Shop” for nothing!) However you describe it, it was very fun to walk around and look at all the designs. Oh, and it helped me solve a stitching organizational problem I had. Win-win.

Plus I found a cross-stitch design by Vicki Mount which featured a Cowboy Cat (with different fur)…

Design by Vicki Mount.

Design by Vicki Mount.

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