Screen Talk.


It’s been a movie time of the year at our house recently, and so thought I’d chat about which movies made the cut…


Misery (1994), the adaptation of the story by Stephen King and sooo good. Nod to Halloween (and holds up well despite being 20 years old), and so, even though we know the story and what’s going to happen, it was still an excellent movie to watch. Definitely a good psychological thriller to watch that’s scary without being nightmare-inducing horrifying. I’m still horrified of hobbling!


And then ambling about Netflix, we came across the documentary called How to Dance in Ohio that covers the preparations of a small group of teenagers on the autism spectra as they learn the skills that will be needed for their first real school dance. (Amazing film, a winner at Sundance, and uplifting whilst being realistic at the same time.)

And then, we’ve been sucked into the BBC’s Great British Bake-Off. Me – the non-cooking person sucked into this series all about baking – go figure. But loving it and we have the final tonight. (I know – we’re  behind but it’s still a surprise as we’ve avoided all the on-line spoilers.) Whee!


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