I’m stuck in Oliver Twist Land…


Sorry for the slow blogging here at the moment. I’m deeply immersed into the Dickensian world of Oliver Twist and as I’m enjoying every moment, I’m focusing on that right now. I had forgotten how engrossing Dickens can be as a fiction writer, and am finding myself drawn into the narrative more and more as I read through it.

I have to admit it – Dickens is a great writer (both non-fiction and fiction). I’m wondering now as to whether it might be a good idea for me to read his biography to balance out that picture. I seem to recall that he wasn’t that great a human in his relationships… (I sense a possible Christmas project in the near future…)

So I’m doing that, and cleaning the decks so that when I return to work in the New Year, it’s all neat and tidy. I always think that that makes a good start.

Random aside: The Christmas decorations go up this weekend. Nothing too crazy, but lovely to look at (at least in my view). It’s an enjoyable ritual that seems to kick off the season with warm feels for everyone.



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